Thursday, July 07, 2022
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My story began with mixed messages, childhood sexual abuse, and numerous other losses. When my life began to unravel as a teen, another family took me in and changed the trajectory of my life. My healing journey began.

Eager to help others heal and grow, my heart turned outward. Over the next three decades, I served as a campus minister, a missionary in Japan, an entrepreneur in Hawaii, and a pastor. I'm currently work as a writer, speaker, and hospice chaplain.

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Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child

Non-Fiction, Grief, Healing, Family

"A truly healing book." - Glen Lord, President, Board of Directors, The Compassionate Friends

Unthinkable. Unbelievable. Heartbreaking.

Whatever words we choose, they all fall far short of the reality. The loss of a child is a terrible thing.

How do we survive this? Can we?

Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child was written to help.

Bestselling author, hospice chaplain, and grief specialist Gary Roe uses his three decades of experience interacting with grieving parents to give us this heartfelt, easy-to-read, and intensely practical book. In Shattered, Roe walks the reader through the powerful impact a child's death can have - emotionally, mentally, physically, relationally, and spiritually.

- Intense, unpredictable emotions can hijack us at a moment's notice.

- Our minds spin. We forget things. It feels like we're going crazy.

- Our bodies get hit. Our health can be impacted.

- Our souls feel crushed, shaking our faith and what we think we believe.

- Our relationships change. A deep loneliness of the heart can set in.

- Our plans and dreams are shattered. We're now in uncharted territory.

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He was your love. She was your partner. Now your heart is broken.

What do you do with all the pain, confusion, and anger? What will life be like? Who are you now?

Your heart needs answers. Heartbroken can help.

Hospice chaplain Gary Roe has walked with hundreds of spouses through this painful valley. From their stories he has composed this incredibly practical work that will touch your heart and comfort your soul.

Open this book, and let the healing continue.

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Please Be Patient, I'm Grieving

USA Best Book Awards Finalist, 2016 & #1 AMAZON Bestseller (April 2016)

Loss hurts. It’s tough to go through, and painful to watch.

Do you know someone who’s grieving and wish you could help?

Are you the one grieving and wonder if what you’re going through is normal? Do you wish those around you understood you better?

This book has answers.

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Surviving the Holidays Without You

Holidays are difficult, especially when you're grieving the loss of someone you love. You find yourself facing a host of challenges, like how to handle...

  • Unspoken expectations, your own and others'
  • Memories and continual reminders of your loved one
  • Feeling misunderstood, alone, and isolated
  • Unpredictable and intense emotions
  • Taking care of yourself while grieving
  • Making wise choices - what to do, how, and with whom

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Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye is hard. How we say it is important.

Take heart in discovering what authors Cecil Murphey and Gary Roe have gathered from their personal and professional grief and healing experiences. With sincere compassion and heartfelt concern, they share ways to face this difficult time of life.

Take hope in knowing that you can prepare yourself for such a time as this. Learn what to expect and how to gently affirm your loved one's life experiences.

Take peace in realizing that you can truly experience beauty, love, and healing in these final days.

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