Thursday, July 07, 2022
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Kim Robinson is an author living in Austin, TX. She and her husband have six children and fourteen grandchildren and enjoy spending time with family. Passionate about parenting, she writes and speaks about a variety of issues facing parents and professionals dealing with teenagers in crisis. She enjoys speaking at retreats and to various organizations.

Kim’s love of writing began at age 10 and over the years she has produced works of poetry, satire, family journals, and op-ed pieces in addition to her first novel, Chased by Grace – A Story of Victory. Her second book, Grace for Mom’s in Crisis, is designed as a survival handbook for parents with an expected publication date of Fall of 2015.

Her phone interview with author Steve Arterburn, founder of New Life Ministries, was distributed to ministry supporters across the country. Selected by the Travis County Juvenile Justice Probation Dept. as their parent rep, Kim was interviewed by KXAN for a week-long series to educate the community on Teen Drug Court.

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Chased by Grace

Christian Fiction, Inspirational

Pamela’s blood turned to ice as her eyes traveled across the words in the text message. The shock of what she read broke over her like a tsunami, wave after wave crushing the part of her brain trying to make sense of the message. Lily was in danger and she was powerless to protect her. What began as happily ever after had turned into a shocking nightmare… Chased by Grace -A Story of Victory is Kim Robinson's debut novel.

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