Thursday, July 07, 2022
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RODOLFO I. DUMAPIAS served as Philippine Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain and as Consul General in various countries.  A graduate from UCLA and holder of MA in International Relations from the University of Southern California, he taught in universities in Manila before his appointment as a career diplomat.  In his book, Kingdom Beyond Diplomacy: Journey to the End of the Age, Ambassador Dumapias presents behind-the-scenes stories in some historical events from the end of the Cold War to the present Middle East situation.  A series of life-threatening experiences during his diplomatic service led to his greater awareness of the reality of an authority higher than human sovereigns and international organizations.  Writing in a simple, witty, thrilling yet entertaining mode, the author succeeds in weaving spiritual principles in a fresh perspective of today's headlines.  Kingdom Beyond Diplomacy is a must-read to all decision makers, from government officials to heads of families, from leaders of organizations to young adults whose choices will determine the fate of nations and of themselves as the world comes to the End of the Age.  

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Kingdom Beyond Diplomacy

Non-Politics, Politics, Religion

Alarmed at today's headlines on conflicts in the Middle East, global financial meltdown, and major natural disasters? Kingdom Beyond Diplomacy suggests that the answers to man's quests are found outside the human box, above and beyond Kings, Presidents, world organizations, billionaires, economists, and scientists. The book invites the reader to look instead toward the Highest Kingdom that holds the Truth behind the mask of today's crises. Beyond the haze of diplomatic quagmire awaits the answers and the sanctuary for those seeking true protection. Written in a fast, thrilling, witty and reader-friendly mode, the book is a quick tour of time and space, revealing a diplomat's exposure to the Power of the Ultimate Sovereign. Across historical events from the end of the Cold War to the present, the book unfolds signs fulfilling the prophecies on the End of the Age. Its updates on today's surveillance technology and recent scientific discoveries on creation, as well as on Iran's nuclear weapons program in the Addendum, reveal the unique yet sensitive conditions of today's world. The book shows the escape route from the impending and inescapable wrath at the End of the Age.

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