About UsWelcome to the Brazos Valley Book Festival Program

Thursday, July 07, 2022
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An event created by Dear Texas, Inc., and Aggie Reads a student organization at Texas A&M College to help unite and encourage more people of all ages to read more.

More About Us

The goal is to spot light the high quality of Texas Authors works, along with outreach to children in the local community through reading and writing programs.  The one day author event, will include readings, sessions and programs for everyone to enjoy.


Team Work Creating the Ultimate Book Festivals

DEAR Texas, the main event coorinator for Texas Authors and Book Festival Network, the new way to combine technology with Reading presents the future.

Watch a live streaming book festival on this site the day of the event, and then see edited clips for each author after the event.

More to Come

Our Mission

To work closely with Authors and Book Festivals to create a balance that enhances the experience for both parties.

Our Values

The BFN team is committed to creating a new and exciting program full of opportunities that bring authors and readers together.

Our Solution

Through the use of time tested events, merging new and creative technologies, we can increase an author’s outreach resulting in additional sales that benefit Authors, Book Festivals and the Readers.